The GOP’s potential “in” with the Limewire generation

Perhaps the GOP may have a hook on one particular issue that many south of 35 know all too well. The majority of young people between the ages of 25 and 35 remember the famous file sharing network fostered by Napster. Even today, there exists broad file sharing (much of it illegal of course) over the internet through bit torrents.

While it certainly should not be made legal to share copy written material, modernizing the current laws so they are clear and easily followed would be smart. I mean, isn’t that the hallmark of the Republican Party: Simple, practical solutions to complicated or burdensome issues? Sure, it may not be the most important challenge to tackle in light of the big ones like how to avoid fiscal cliff and enact entitlement reform, but it might be an easy issue to tackle in order to get back into fighting form.

Think of it as the Div. II team on your favorite college football team’s schedule.