George Will: Obama’s empty, strident campaign – The Washington Post

George Will: Obama’s empty, strident campaign – The Washington Post.

If you were looking for more evidence of a collapsing campaign, take a look at George Will’s latest column in the Washington Post.  We’ve all noticed that as the picture becomes clearer about Obama’s dire prospects in a few days (yes…it’s a few days folks), his campaign has grown more crazed and desperate.  If you watched some of the earlier interviews with some of his surrogates (i.e. Stephanie Cutter) you’d see a nervous energy start to permeate their media interactions.

Obama’s campaign must really be struggling

Watch this interview with Bob Schieffer, Stephanie Cutter (Obama’s deputy campaign manager), and Kevin Madden (from the Romney campaign):

Obviously, everyone can disagree with the content of the debate. We all know what the representative camps are arguing. However, there is a desperate aura about Stephanie Cutter in this exchange. Though Kevin Madden didn’t respond directly to her comments to him (some of which basically called Mitt Romney a liar), but she was flustered, upset, and constantly interrupting. If someone this close to the top within the Obama campaign is this off-putting during a fairly benign interview, one must wonder about the state of the rest of the campaign.