Video Roundup: Bill O’Reilly (on traditional America) and Adam Carolla (on why the system isn’t rigged)

Bill O’Reilly outlines what is really at state in the coming years:

Adam Carolla opines regarding the Senator-elect Elizabeth Warren’s stance that the “system is rigged:”

Adam Carolla and Mitt Romney

Occasionally, I tune into Adam Carolla’s podcast to hear his take on things.  (If you don’t know Adam Carolla, he’s a libertarian-leaning comedian who records a daily podcast.  Lately, he has come out more and more in favor of Mitt Romney.)  In his October 4, 2012 podcast, he breaks down the debate and lauds the Romney approach to life: link.  (Note: Fast-forward to 1:21:00 of the show to hear the group discuss the debate and Romney.  However, there is some colorful language in the bit, so be forewarned.)  It looks as though along with Mr. Eastwood, that Hollywood may not be 100% against Romney.  This is particularly relevant on a day when an African-American actress named Stacey Dash (most famous for her roll in the mid-90s movie “Clueless”) came out in support of Romney on her Twitter account.  The Washington Post provides a good blog entry about the hateful backlash she received from all of the non-racist progressives out there.

Adam Carolla spoke about Gov. Romney on KTAR’s Mac and Gaydo’s show back in September as well:

Video lineup

Adam Carolla on The O’Reilly Factor discusses high gas prices in California, and liberals:

Ann Coulter proclaims that the election is over: link.