Republicans have an opening (potentially) in the American city

Ron Long from discusses in a short blog post that the GOP should reassertion itself with, and contend for, American cities. He may be onto something:

The best way to revive a sagging company is to look for new market opportunities and seize them. Which is why the Republican party needs to take on the cities. We’ve all enjoyed daydreaming about John Yoo, Mayor of Oakland — I wish he’d get the hint and really run for the office — but the larger point is: cities are where the people are; cities are where our people (Asian and Hispanic business types) are; cities are where liberalism has not only failed, but failed specularly and with tragic human cost.

It’s true that cities like Seattle, Los Angeles, New York, and Philadelphia will likely never vote majority Republican. However, this territory cannot be discarded or seeded to the democrats given the amount and diversity of the people that live there. In other words, if the GOP wants to reach out to Hispanics and African Americans, that is where much of that is going to have to take place.