Republican governors point the finger at Mitt Romney for the election loss

At a confab of Republican Governors this week, one of the core central topic was the 2012 presidential race. Naturally. Without going into the finer points, the thrust of the critique of Gov. Romney was twofold: first, that he didn’t effectively counter the massive campaign of negative advertising unleashed by Pres. Obama during the summer months, and second, that he fell into the trap of appearing to only care for the rich, white segment of the American population. Worst of all, says Gov. Jindal in the report, was that Gov. Romney never put forth an effective vision of what the future would be under his leadership. (I’m not sure I agree with that assessment, given that he pounded home the five point plan to revitalize the American economy at any chance you got.) Gov. Romney’s loss is attributable to numerous factors, many of which have the same level of impact. The key for the GOP moving forward is to address each deficiency without over-compensating. Much of the exit polling demonstrated that while Republicans have some homework to do regarding their appeal to certain segments of the population, the Democratic philosophy of and ever-expanding (and powerful) federal government has little appeal as well.