Quick Iowa Early Vote Metric Watch

http://battlegroundwatch.com/2012/10/11/quick-iowa-early-vote-metric-watch/ The very handy website battlegroundwatch.com gives us a little tidbit into the status of the absentee ballots in Iowa. (It is important to remember here, that absentee ballots in Iowa always trend towards Democrats. Thus we are not looking for a margin in favor of Republicans over Democrats, that would be hard to achieve, what we are looking for is a nice narrow gap.) As of right now, the gap is only 67,000 absentee ballot request by Democrats , over Republicans. This is tremendous. About one week ago, it was 90,000 absentee ballots requested. According to his source, if the absentee ballots dip below 60,000, it is almost impossible for Barack Obama to take Iowa. This is becoming exceedingly important, given the fact that Ohio is still up in the air