Politico: the 34 days that determined the Romney/Obama election

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This likely comes as no surprise, but the way that Obama’s campaign team out-strategized the Romney team happened far earlier int he campaign process than many had assumed:

Instead of hoarding cash for a tomorrow that might never come, Obama’s advisers— [David] Axelrod, [David] Plouffe, [Jim] Messina and [Stephanie] Cutter, and another veteran Obama hand, Larry Grisolano—were now telling him to blow up the campaign’s budget. They urged the president to pump more than $100 million into a barrage of negative ads in swing states attacking Romney where it hurt most—on Bain, his tax policy, and his disastrous opposition to the auto bailout that saved tens of thousands of jobs in Ohio alone.

“You could always get more money,” Axe recalled. “Time? Once that was gone, it was gone.”