Ohio shows +5% for Obama? Hmmm…

Obama +5 in Ohio with a Party ID of D +9 — CBS/New York Times/Quinnipiac « Battleground Watch.

Keith Backer writes:
Independents’ support for Romney up 7% (up 1% from last month)
GOP is more enthusiastic: 52% to 40%
Men support Romney over Obama is steady at about +7%
Romney has shrunk Obama’s advantage in the women vote from 25% to 15%
Youth vote for Obama has shrunk from +35% for Obama to +15%
Romney has flipped the senior support numbers: Obama was +1%, now Romney is up +7%

The problem with this poll which shows an Obama lead by 5%, is that the spread between the party affiliation is heavily skewed towards the Democrats:
D = 35%
R = 26%
I = 34%

Keith Backer goes onto write:

They threw me off last week when they put out some fairly sampled polls, but here we are right back to last month’s monstrosity of an Ohio poll over-sampling Democrats by 9%, higher than the 8% margin they enjoyed in 2008. Party ID is D+9 (Dem 25, Rep 26, Ind 30) and R+5 in 2004 (Dem 35, Rep 40, Ind 25)…This is for a state that less than 12-months ago went to the polls in a very pro-Union turnout and also voted to REPEAL Obamacare by a margin of 66 to 34.