Medicare brought out of the shadows as a genuine issue (thank you Paul Ryan)

Jennifer Rubin in her Right Turns blog has an interesting post regarding an interview of Paul Ryan’s advisers.  The most important part of the post covers the issue of Medicare and how Paul Ryan brought that issue to the fore without suffering from the left’s “mediscare” tactics:

[A]ccording to exit polling for the National Election Pool, the Romney-Ryan ticket carried voters age 65 and older by 17 points (58%-41%), nine points more than the McCain-Palin ticket four years ago. Among voters 45-64 years of age, Romney-Ryan defeated Obama-Biden by four points. In 2008, Obama-Biden carried that demographic by five points.

Most noteworthy, voters responded well to Mr. Ryan’s Medicare argument when positioned against the Democratic attack. In a postelection national survey by Resurgent Republic, 52% of voters agreed with the description of Mr. Ryan’s Medicare plan as one that would “preserve and protect the program,” versus 35% who agreed with the description that his plan would “end Medicare as we know it.