Immigration stance may put Rubio on GOPs short list

USA Today reports on the particularly relevant appeal that Senator Marco Rubio has for the Republican nomination in 2016:

Enter Rubio, 41, the charismatic Cuban-American senator from West Miami who has tried to soften his partys often harsh rhetoric about illegal immigrants.Rubio believes that instead of focusing simply on tightening borders and deporting foreigners in the country illegally, federal policy should also look at sensibly accommodating those who have been on American soil for years.He has proposed a version of the DREAM Act that would allow children brought to the United States illegally at an early age the opportunity to stay in the country and seek legal residency provided they complete high school and have no criminal history. Many Republicans oppose amnesty, but Rubio said its time to change the conversation.”The conservative movement should have particular appeal to people in minority and immigrant communities who are trying to make it, and Republicans need to work harder than ever to communicate our beliefs to them,” he said in a statement issued Wednesday, less than two hours after Romneys concession speech.

via Immigration stance may put Rubio on GOPs short list.