Iacocca: Vote for Mitt Romney

Famed former Chrysler Corp. chairman, Lee Iacocca endorses Romney:

Like any turnaround it must begin by honestly facing our problems; hope and speeches wont get our people back to work. It will require experienced leadership that can create and lead policy change that will enable a more robust and competitive America. We need leadership that understands that government, just like American families, cant continue to spend beyond its means. We must find leadership that wont pander to the people, but rather will speak honestly to them about our situation, explaining in simple terms what we have to do to get back on the right track. And we need leadership that can bring us together in a sense of shared responsibility so that we can move forward as a team. All of us. As Americans.

via Iacocca: America needs a turnaround, which is why Im voting Romney | The Detroit News | detroitnews.com.