GOP Ticket Focuses on Crucial Ohio Votes

This article from the New York times provides a brief analysis of the refocus that the Romney campaign has affixed on Ohio.


See if you can’t pick up the two injections of bias in the article. In case you missed it, I thought there were two obnoxious parts that show why so many people (60% estimated by Gallup) have distrust of mass media. First:

“You know,we come from similar areas,” Mr. Ryan said. “Please know we want to get these manufacturing jobs back here. We want to make sure that this is a country and society where we are the envy of the world, where we’re No. 1 in manufacturing again, not second to China like we are right now.” (Although it is true there are fewer manufacturing jobs since the president took office,more than 500,000 have been added since February 2010,according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics,a reversal of decades of slow decline.)

The second is here:

Mr. Ryan then told the student that one of his best friends was from Akron,noting that Goodyear had a plant there,and adding that he had visited several times. “It’s a great town,” he said,”and it reminds me so much of where I come from. It really does.” Afterward,Mr. Ryan stopped with his wife and children at a nearby soup kitchen. The family put on aprons and washed several large pans,though they did not appear to need washing,according to a pool reporter. There also was no one to serve at the soup kitchen,as breakfast had ended.

The second is particularly frustrating. Why even report that information unless you’re purposefully trying to bend the reader’s perception of the story? It feels as though the authors were trying to make the otherwise humble, charitable gesture into a campaign ploy.